Ewa Ewart

Ewa Ewart


Ewa Ewart is a journalist and an award-winning filmmaker who specializes in ground breaking and influential documentaries.

She was born and raised in Poland, but she has spent most of her career based at the BBC TV in London, England.

She has travelled and worked in many countries, producing and directing programs ranging from investigations, political to social observational documentaries.
Her films have revealed new information about issues such as corruption in Boris Yeltsin’s Russia, the secret prison camps in North Korea, civil war in Colombia or secret and illegal CIA extraordinary rendition programme for people suspected of terrorism.

For the last few years, she has been the presenter of an international documentary strand on TVN24 and TVN24Bis, American owned commercial channels in Poland.


2019 The Curse of Abundance
We, The People (My, naród)
2014 To Seize the City (Zdobyć miasto)
2011 In Silence (W milczeniu)
2005 The Hurricane That Shook America
Children of Beslan
2004 This World
2002 Correspondent: Killing the Story
1998 ETA: Coming in from the Cold