Exit Author

Autor wychodzi, 2006, 40 min.

Exit Author (2006)


Director Dominika Montean
Screenplay Dominika Montean
Cinematography Dominik Danilczyk
Music Sonoria
Art Director Justyna Krzepkowska
Producer Jacek Lipski
The Character Kamila Barr, Karol Derr
Author Jan Nowicki
Wojtek Marcin Bosak
Helena Derr Malgorzata Hajewska-Krzysztofik
Bodo Kox Bodo Kox
A young woman, Anna, is making a film. But suddenly she discovers that she herself is only a character in this film and nothing depends on her but on the Author whom she does not know. Fighting with Him, she tries to create her own characters but the characters she creates also do not want to be in someone else’s film.