Lukasz Dzieciol

Lukasz Dzieciol


Producer. Graduated from IFS Internationale Filmschule, Cologne in International Producing, and from The Los Angeles Film School in Production, as well as from University of Łódź in Film Studies. For the past ten years, he has worked for Opus Film Studios in Łódź, Poland and he currently shares ownership of the company.

In the last year, he has also produced film projects in the United States, and remains actively involved in ongoing cooperation with U.S. based productions.


2016 Memories of Summer (Wspomnienie lata) by Adam Guzinski
2014 The Word (Obietnica) by Anna Kazejak
2011 Courage (Wymyk) by Greg Zglinski
2010 A Wonderful Summer (Cudowne lato) by Ryszard Brylski
2009 My Flesh My Blood (Moja krew) by Marcin Wrona
Zero by Pawel Borowski
2008 The Loneliness of the Short-Order Cook by Marcel Sawicki
2007 The Room of a Quick-One (Pokój szybkich randek) by Anna Maliszewska
2006 The Boy On the Galloping Horse (Chłopiec na galopującym koniu) by Adam Guzinski
Retrieval (Z odzysku) by Slawomir Fabicki
2005 The Master (Mistrz) by Piotr Trzaskalski