Marek Koterski


Marek Koterski was bom in Krakow in 1942. He is a film and stage director, playwright and screenwriter. He is a graduate of Wroclaw University, where he majored in Polish Language and Literature. Koterski also studied Art History and Painting. He graduated from Łódź Film School in 1971. His literary debut was “To Scoop with the Hand”, a story about the death of Zbyszek Cybulski, a Polish movie star from the sixties. His achievements as a stage director include “Inner Life” which won the Ayckboume and Fray Award for the best play staged in Poland in 1987, at the Wspotczesny Theater in Warsaw. He also directed “I Hate” at the Wspotczesny Theater in Wroclaw (1990); “The Teeth”, the Dramatyczny Theater, Warsaw 1996; “The Madhouse”, the Ateneum Theater, Warsaw 1998, and several plays in theaters in Krakow, Rzeszow and Wafbrzych. Koterski also worked for TV Theater, where he directed plays such as “Community” and “The Three of Us“, He has also made numerous short films.

Marek Koterski exclusively directs films based upon his own screenplays.


2011 Man, Chicks Are Just Different (Baby są jakieś inne)
2006 We’re All Christs (Wszyscy jesteśmy Chrystusami)
2002 Day of the Wacko (Dzien świra)
– Grand Prix At the Polish Film Festival, Gdynia, Polish Filmmakers Association Award For “Creative Portrayal of Contemporary Life”, Individual Awards: Marek Kondrat for Acting, Maria Chilarecka for Sound
– Gdynia, “Eagle” – Polish Film Award in the Screenplay Category; Nominated in 8 Categories, Among Others for Best Film and Directing, the Don Quixote Prize, Awarded by the Polish Federation of Film Clubs for the Best Film, made between 2002 and 2005
– The Golden Sickle Award For the Best Comedy in the Last 10 Years, At the Lubomierz Film Festival.
1999 I Love You
1995 Nothing Funny (Nic śmiesznego)
1989 Porno (The Blockbuster of 1990)
1986 Inner Life (Zycie wewnetrzne)
Grand Prix, the Gdansk Lions For the Best Director, the Polish Film Critics’ Prize For the Best Film of 1987
1984 Madhouse (Dom wariatów)
Award of Journalists For the Best Debut of the Year