Peter Tomaszewicz

Peter Tomaszewicz


A professional animation editor working in the entertainment industry for over 35 years. His work encompasses such iconic cartoons and films such as Rugrats, Transformers, Minions, The Pink Panther, Captain Planet, Gi Joe, The New Adventures of Mighty Mouse, Sonic the Hedgehog, Dreamworks Dragons, etc. He has worked closely with Stan Lee, Ralph Bakshi, Jeffery Katzenberg, Chris Meledandri and hundreds of directors editing over 1300 animated television programs and multiple films.

Peter has worked for Dreamworks, Illumination Entertainment, Warner Brothers Studios, Paramount Studios, Universal Studios, Marvel Studios, Cartoon Network Studios, Nickelodeon, the Queen of Jordan, etc. In addition, Peter has also worked on many films and television shows as a Sound Editor.

Born in New Jersey to Polish Immigrant parents, Peter’s first language was Polish.

His second was visual literacy learned from watching television creating his path to work in Editing. He moved to Los Angeles in 1981 and is continuing to work on new iconic animated projects.