Tadeusz Konwicki


Tadeusz Konwicki (1926-2015)


Tadeusz Konwicki (1926-2015) was one of the best Polish directors and writers, as well as a member of the Polish Language Council. He made only 6 films but all of them are great works of art.


1989 A Tale of Adam Mickiewicz’s “Forefathers’ Eve”
(Lawa: Opowieść o “Dziadach” Adama Mickiewicza)
1982 Valley of the Issa (Dolina Issy)
1972 How Far Away, How Near (Jak daleko stąd, jak blisko)
1965 The Moment od Peace (Matura)
1958 The last day of Summer (Ostatni dzień lata) –
– Grand Prix at the 1958 Venice Film Festival
1961 All Souls’ Day (Zaduszki)