2020, 98 min.
1 (2020)


Director Andrzej Kozlowski
Screenplay Andrzej Kozlowski
Cinematography Spencer Snygg
Music Krzesimir Debski (including Violin Solo) +
Zbigniew Namyslowski (saxophone Solo) +
Radek Kopec, Krzesimir Debski, Ilona Europa (song)
Producer Andrzej Kozlowski


Boss Ethan Phillips
She-Boss Alice Amter
Black Assassin London Bridges
Chase Leader Jude Ciccolella
Asian Assassin Yvonne Lin
Boss 2 James Morrison
Driver Michael Santorico
Girl Marysia Kozlowska
Boy Leon Kozlowski


1 is an intense, thought provoking action drama that uses no spoken words in its storytelling.

Nothing in this film is what it seems to be at the beginning. Two groups of outlaws are set to meet in the woods and make an exchange. The story revolves around one of the groups that carries a mysterious briefcase. We follow their leader and his companions as they go through consecutive mishaps and tensions. They have to evade the police that follows them, go through the crises of being lost, and constantly deal with quiet resentments among themselves. After the exchange, a deadly fight with the other group ends with heavy losses. Only few are left, but the inner passions and conflicts cause more deaths, that at this point seem even more pointless. There is no dialogue. The music, sounds, images and deeply truthful acting turn this simple plot into an intense-and profound experience. There are no end credits. Only a white screen. This is intentional. A reflection of sentiment that the art is more important that the names of those involved in it. https://themovie1.com/