53 Wars

53 wojny, 2018, 82 min.

53 Wars (2018)


The Youth and Film Festival
The Young Jury Award, Best Actress for Magdalena Poplawska 


Director Ewa Bukowska
Screenplay Ewa Bukowska
Cinematography Tomasz Naumiuk
Art Director Anna Anosowicz
Music Natalia Fiedorczuk-cieslak
Producers Jacek Bromski, Ewa Jastrzebska, Jerzy Kapuscinski
Anna Magdalena Poplawska
Witek Michal Zurawski
Pawel Krzysztof Stroinski
Krystyna Kinga Preis

Anna and Witek, a young married couple, are very much in love. He is a war correspondent who spends the better part of the year at the heart of raging conflicts. Her days are spent waiting for him to come home. She tries to lead a normal life, but her fears for Witek start to overcome her efforts. She begins preparing herself for the worst…