6 Years Later

6 lat później, 2015, 5 min.

6 Years Later (2015)


Director   Kamil Wojcik
Screenplay   Kamil Wojcik
Animation   Kamil Wojcik
Cinematography   Kamil Wojcik
Music   Kuba Ziajor
Producer   Kamil Wojcik


Girl   Kasia Sobczyk

Edek’s hell is complete disorientation. He has lost his sense of time and is unable to discern reality and dream. There is only a TV set, which increases his psychosis and makes it impossible for Edek to collect his thoughts. It also steals his time. The whole situation resembles short moments of awakening that do not add up to a coherent whole. The man doesn’t know how long he has been there, or why. But most of all he doesn’t know where he is. Bits and pieces of fragmented memories confuse him even more, driving him crazy.