8 Stories That Haven’t Changed The World

8 historii, które nie zmieniły świata, 2010, 35 min.

8 Stories That Haven't Changed The World (2010)


Director Ivo Krankowski
Screenplay Jan Spiewak
Cinematography Tomasz Michalczewski
Music Pawel Andryszczyk, Adam Walicki
Producer Jan Spiewak

This film documents the lives of eight Polish Jews born between 1914 and 1933. The personal recollections take us to the land of their youth, their first dreams and their adventures. Their stories reveal some of their earliest memories of the first book they read, their first day at school, when they drank alcohol for the first time, what was the name of their first love.

Together, these individual stories create a vivid image of a lost world preserved only in black-and-white films and in the last witnesses’ memories. The film is a testament to the individuals who experienced the turbulent times of the 20th century history, how they approach life today – how they deal with their memories and challenges of aging.