A Heart of Love

Serce miłości, 2017, 79 min.

A Heart of Love (2017)


Director Lukasz Ronduda
Screenplay Robert Bolesto
Cinematography Lukasz Gutt
Music Wojciech Bakowski
Art Direction Joanna Kaczynska
Producer(s) Kuba Kosma
Zuzanna Justyna Wasilewska
Wojciech Jacek Poniedzialek
An attempt to examine the narcissism of contemporary young people who are part of Poland’s artistic circles in the age of social media and consumption. Do the partners truly love each other or are they merely fascinated by their own mirror reflections? Filled with contemporary music, poetry, and art, the film observes the exotic and artistic subculture of two outsiders living in a modern metropolis, in which big-city love and art intermingle.