A Long Time Ago in Silesia

Dawno temu na Śląsku, 2015, 16 min.

A Long Time Ago in Silesia (2015)


Director   Tomasz Protokowicz
Screenplay   Tomasz Protokowicz
Cinematography   Joanna Sobiesniewska
Music   Pawel Stolarczyk
Art Director   Piotr Hoszowski
Producer   Janusz Pukaluk


Rysiek   Marcin Zacharzewski
Rysio   Tomasz Dziedzic
Stefan   Maciej Zacharzewski
Stefanek   Szymon Dziedzic
Mlody   Dawid Pokusa
Sister Marta   Martyna Witowska

Twin brothers, Rysiek and Stefan live in an orphanage run by nuns. The orphanage is situated in a small Silesian town, where the Poles and the Germans live next to each other. The boys are unlucky to grow up in one of the worst periods in the history of the place – during the Third Reich. They will soon be parted only to meet again in extremely unpleasant circumstances a dozen or so years later.