A Memory of Last Summer

Wspomnienie poprzedniego lata, 2013, 10 min.

A Memory of Last Summer (2013)

New York International Short Film Festival
Best Foreign Film

Polish Independent Film Award
Nominated for Best Screenplay


Directors Kuba Gryzewski, Ivo Krankowski
Screenplay Kuba Gryzewski, Ivo Krankowski
Cinamatography Tadeusz Kiniewicz
Music Samuele Cangi
Production Designer Zofia Lubinska
Producer Ivo Krankowski
Basia Paulina Galazka
Kuba Piotr Bondyra
Mother Iza Kuna
Father Bartlomiej Topa
Grandmother Krystyna Froelich
Grandfather Stanislam Sparazynski
Legendary winters of the 1980s might have been severe but from time to time the temperature was surprisingly high. A seemingly prosaic episode will be a heart-warming recollection for the characters of the film. It’s a story told through the so-called steamy glass but at the same time it also sheds some light on the mystery. Love with a human blushing face.