ADM – Consequences Of War

2007, 5 min. and 37 sec.
ADM - Consequences Of War (2007)


Director Jacek Kosciuszko
Screenplay Jacek Kosciuszko,
Rafal Januszczyk,
Radek S.
Cinematography Jacek Kosciuszko
Music ADM (Architects and Demolition Man)
Producer(s) Rafal Januszczyk,
Radek S.


Brooklyn’s best kept musical secret ADM (Architects & Demolition Men)-urban music from urban world. Their legendary underground shows filled with sweat and revolutionary messages attract a wide mainstream diasporas. Original Eclectic Hip-Hop Rock – their music gained them fans throughout the world. They are currently working on their first studio album. Jacek Kosciuszko and Rafael Januszczyk are honored to present a Video with their upcoming single talking gravely about the ‘Consequences of War’.