Against Night

2015, 28 min.

Against Night (2015)


Woodstock Film Festival
Maverick Award for Best Student Short

Student Academy Awards
Nominated in  Narrative Category

American Film Institute
Richard P. Rogers Spirit of Excellence Award

USA Film Festival, Dallas
National Jury Award in Short Film Competition 

Long Island International Film Expo
Honorable Mention for Best Actor for Konastantin Lavysh & Eve Korchkov;
Best Art Direction for Aleksandra Zgorska


Director Stefan Kubicki
Screenplay Stefan Kubicki
Cinematography Nico Navia
Music Lucas Lechowski
Production Designer Aleksandra Zgorska
Producer Saba Zerehi


Vitali Konstantin Lavysh
Marina Elena Caruso
Lenka Eve Korchkov
Shaman Howard Fong
Anton Gleb Kaminer

The late 1960s, heyday of the Soviet space program. A Soyuz capsule carrying two cosmonauts violently reenters the atmosphere, burning up. Miraculously, both men survive, landing far off-course in the remote frozen steppes of Mongolia.

One of the men sets off, in the midst of a violent snowstorm, to search for rescue. On the verge of freezing to death, he finds a yurt in the wilderness, and seeks shelter inside. But this is no ordinary place, and no ordinary night, and the dawn is still very far away…