All That I Love

Wszystko, co kocham, 2009, 95 min.

All That I Love (2009)

Polish Eagle (Orły) Award
Best Screenplay for Jacek Borcuch, Discovery of the Year for Mateusz Kosciukiewicz, Public Award

Polish Film Festival, Gdynia
Best Art Director Award for Elwira Pluta, Audience Award

FESTROIA Internation Film Festival, Potrugal
FIPRESCI Prize and CICAE Priza

Polish Film Festival Los Angeles
Hollywood Eagle Award


Director Jacek Borcuch
Screenplay Jacek Borcuch
Cinematography Michal Englert
Music Daniel Bloom
Art Director Elwira Pluta
Producer Jan Dworak
Janek Mateusz Kosciukiewicz
Basia Olga Frycz
Kazik Jakub Gierszal
Staszek Mateusz Banasiuk
Janek’s Father Andrzej Chyra
Janek’s Mother Anna Radwan
“Diabel” Igor Obloza
Four 18-year-old kids in a seaside town form a punk rock band. Their leader Janek is the son of a prominent navy officer. The boys have more in common than just their passion for music. They also share a fascination with the mature beauty of Janek’s neighbor and wife of communist politician Sokolowski, and a crush on their classmate Basia, daughter of a Solidarity activist.
On December 13, 1981 martial law is imposed in Poland and politics take over the boys’ previously carefree life. Sokolowski is appointed military commissar with omnipotent authority over the whole town…