All These Sleepless Nights

Wszystkie nieprzespane noce, 2016, 102 min.

All These Sleepless Nights (2016)

Sundance Film Festival
Best Director Award in World Cinema Documentary

New Horizon International Film Festival
Audience Award


Director Michal Marczak
Screenplay Michal Marczak
Cinematography Michal Marczak,
Maciej Twardowski
Music Lubomir Grzelak

Michal Marczak,
Marta Golba,
Julia Nottingham

Protagonist Krzysztof Bagiński
Protagonist Michal Huszcza
Protagonist Eva Lebeuf

Fun by night until you are out of breath, intense states of love, lust and loneliness, conversations about the trivial things and the most important ones, alcohol and love intoxication, emotional tangle – the mesmerizing camera of Michal Marczak feeds on what is the essence of life of young people. All These Sleepless Nights is a unique tribute to the youth – unpredictable and dynamic but also often lost and fearing tomorrow.