All These Voices

2015, 15 min.

All These Voices (2015)


Director David Henry Gerson
Screenplay David Henry Gerson, Martin Horvat, Brennan Eizabeth Peters
Cinematography Eli Arenson
Music Brian Mcomber
Production Designer Daniela Medeiros
Producer Beatrice Von Schwerin


Janusz Kristof Konrad
Kasia Kasia Kowalczyk
Mordo Anthony Nikolch
Doris Kinga Philipps
Beata Beata Pozniak
Kurt Harrison Thomas

In the days following the end of World War II, a young SS officer hides in an abandoned Polish theater. A theater troupe of survivors enters to celebrate the end of the war. As the soldier witnesses the expression of their painful past, he is forced to come to terms with his complicity in their grief.