2012, 2 min.

Anatema (2012)


OFAFA Film Festival, Konin
Second Prize

SnapFilm Festival, Krakow
Third Prize


Director Justyna Podzorny
Animation Justyna Podzorny
Music Josh Woodward
Producer Justyna Podzorny

The presented world is a symbolic reality of anti-utopia. A scenery is a city with developed civilization, but there is visible degradation of society. The animation shows the mentally aspect of human life – what they can felling in technically developed world. People making rash decisions and fulfilling fancies without thinking of consequences are as a machine. A main character is so called “a free mind” – who became aware of owns position in the World. The character is a projector, which project memoirs, and is a camera, which observe, and perceive the world. So he would like escape and be free…