Angel in Cracow

Anioł w Krakowie, 2002, 89 min.

Aniol w Krakowie, 2002, 89 min.


Director Artur Wiecek
Screenplay Artur Wiecek, Witold Beres
Cinematography Piotr Trela
Music Abel Korzeniowski
Producer Witold Beres
Angel Giordano Krzysztof Globisz
Hanka Ewa Kaim
Bum Jerzy Trela
Mrs. Talark Beate Schimscheiner
Mr. Talarek Andrzej Franczyk
Karol Kamil Bera
Giordano leads an outrageous lifestyle for an angel. He visits the souls in Purgatory far too often, is fascinated with rock’n’roll, and ends up being sentenced to living on Earth where he must perform at least one act of kindness a day. Because of an intrigue, instead of Holland, he ends up in Krakow, Poland. While waiting for his transfer to the “Land of Tulips”, he takes a visit to the city. He is so deeply enchanted by its atmosphere that he petitions his “heavenly superiors” to let him stay in Krakow. He meets Hanka, a single mother, who makes a living selling sausages in the street. Giordano eagerly assists her, and with time, though still regarding him as an eccentric, Hanka begins to trust him…