Dupek, 2015, 19 min.

Asshole (2015)


Director Krzysztof Komander
Screenplay Krzysztof Komander
Cinematography Jakub Cachro
Music Szymona Kania, Marek Grucka
Producer(s) Jerzy Lukaszewicz
Krzysiek Bartosz Gelner
Karolina Agnieszka Zulewska
Angie Maria Patykiewicz
Kinia Monika Mazur
It is New Year’s Eve. Krzysiek, a young guy from Silesia, comes to Gda?sk to break off with Karolina. Against his expectations, ending an unwanted relationship will not be easy. A brief conversation should be enough. Instead, they go out with the girl’s friends to celebrate the New Year. All the time the boy keeps his distance and does not fit in with the group. At one point he disappears. An unexpected turn of events will shed a new light on the protagonist.