Atlas, 2018, 22 min.

Atlas (2018)


Bermuda International Film Festival
Grand Prix

Huesca International Film Festival
First International Danzante Award

Krakow Film Festival
Silver Hobby-Horse

The Youth and Film Festival
Canal+ Award

Lubuskie Film Summer
Special Mention

Gdynia Film Festival
Multimedia Polska Award

Opolskie Lamy Film Festival
Audience Award

Summer with Muses Festival
Special Mention


Director Maciej Kawalski
Screenplay Maciej Kawalski
Cinematography Pawel Dyllus
Music Lukasz Targosz
Art Director Alicja Kazimierczak
Producers Ewa Jastrzebska, Jerzy Kapuscinski, Stanislaw Dziedzic
Atlas Tomasz Kot
Warden Marian Opania
Nurse Marysia Magdalena Pociecha
Nurse Ilona Kinga Ciesielska

A remote, and a bit crazy to be honest, psychiatric hospital receives a curious patient—one who doesn’t move nor speak but spends his days standing with his hands up. The only thing known is his nickname – “The Atlas.” In a word, he is a riddle and riveting one at that, like an itch you cannot quite scratch. Theories and informed-and-fact-based-gossip flourish all around the place. As luck would have it, so does the conflict as what to do with him. The situation is close to exploding, but the Atlas won’t stir. Or will he?