Plaża, 2013, 4 min.

Beach (2013)


Director Pawel Prewencki
Screenplay Pawel Prewencki
Cinematography Pawel Prewencki
Music Zbigniew Kozub
Producer(s) Pawel Prewencki
A summer, lazy day at the beach. The wind unhurriedly turns the pages of a book read by one of the sunbathers stretching in the sand. In boiling sun the bodies seem to melt like ice lollipop. Only cold water that delicately washes out the feet brings the relieve. This sluggish morning will get suddenly interrupted by the lunch pause. It won’t be long till the rubbish left by the sunbathers begin their own march and then rest in the sand as the tired, sun setting down will set to sleep. An engaging, erotically swaying beach by Prewencki is an animated impression of one summer day that brings a clear, ecological meaning.