Beautiful People

2011, 67 min.

Beautiful People (2011)


Director Elzbieta Szoka
Screenplay Elzbieta Szoka
Cinematography Nadia Hallgern
Producer Sam Adelman


In the documentary Beautiful People, ten members of the longest running traditional Irish music group in New York City talk about not only their interest in this type of music but offer a peek inside their lives to try and find what draws them towards this activity. An Asian-American that plays the fiddle, a charismatic twenty one-year-old singer/guitarist, an 84-year-old Italian-American accordionist, and a 77-year-old woman that recently graduated from the police academy, exemplify the diversity of the group. Somewhere around 35 to 40 musicians get together every Tuesday night at a bar called Dempsey’s Pub, located on Second Avenue in Manhattan’s East Village.

Beautiful People captures the spirit, passion and commitment of this group, and looks to explore the binding element that brings them all together for this unusual common interest.