Beyond the Quest

2006, 80 min.

Beyond the Quest (2006)


Director Mireck Kullitt
Screenplay Mireck Kullitt, Richard Acree, Andrew Szanto
Cinematography Zoran Popovic, Sid Hunter, Andrew Szanto
Music Jann C. Castor
Art Director Jann C. Castor
Producer Mireck Kullitt
Julia Baron Janet Corroll
Adam Chad Gordon
Atayo Drew Pongyan
Apparition Saginow Grant
Grazyna Jessica Kiper
Kashke Nitoka Fox
A young immigrant seeking his fortune and new life in America begins to unlock secrets of his forgotten past in unexpected ways thanks to a spiritual connection with a distant stranger he never knew existed. Adam grew up on a small farm in the mountains of communist Poland. Abandoned by his parents at a young age he was raised by a kind, ever-loving woman named Julia Baron. Confronted with the astounding lack of opportunity facing everyone, Adam leaves his home life in search of a better life. With some difficulty getting out of the country, including a threat from his girl friend to turn him in for treason, he arrives in America to find both what he did- and did not- expect. Upon his arrival he finds a limo waiting for him, driven by a mysterious person who takes him on a cross country tripwithout any apparent destination.