Came the Uhlans

Przybyli ułani, 2006, 57 min.

Came the Uhlans (2006)


Director Sylwester Checinski
Screenplay Grzegorz Stefanski
Cinematography Andrzej Ramlau
Music Andrzej Korzynski
Art Director Rafal Waltenberg
Producer Janusz Morgenstern, Dorota Ostrowska-Orlinska
Marian Zbigniew Zamachowski
Jadzka Kinga Preis
Janikowa Krystyna Feldman
Grandfather Stefan Burczyk
Marek Pawel Parczewski
Chief of the Village Andrzej Zaborski
A monument commemorating the liberation of the village from Bolshevik rule in 1920 is going to be unveiled in the former state farm community of Osiek. The village elder really wants to make the celebration a high profile event in order to promote the impoverished community. He decides they need a war veteran to add splendor to the occasion. However, finding a veteran from the 1920 war who is alive today is not easy. Marian, a shopkeeper from the village, promises to “supply” a veteran, in exchange expecting the chief to “supply” him a license for selling liquor in his shop…