Captain’s Daughter

Russkiy Bunt, 1999, 130 min.

Captain's Daughter (1999)


Director Alexander Proshkin
Screenplay Galina Arbuzova, Stanisav Govorukhin, Vladimir Zheleznikov
(based On The Novels “the Captaine’s Daughter” & “the History Of The Pugachev Rebellion” by Alexander Pushkin)
Cinematography Sergei Yurizditsky
Music Vladimir Martynov
Art Director Alexander Tolkachev, Vladimir Yermakov
Producer Mikhail Zolberman
Peter Grinev Mateusz Damiecki
Masha Mironova Karolina Gruszka
Emelian Pugachev Vladimir Mashkov
Alexey Shvabrin Sergiei Makovetsky
An epic story of adventure and romance set in late 18th Century in Russia, the reign of Catharine the Great. Young nobleman Peter Grinev must challenge a fellow officer for the love of their captain’s daughter, Masha Mironova. Grinev becomes involved with the enemy – the violent Cossack chief Emelian Pugachev, who has been impersonating the long-dead czar Peter III. After Pugachev’s two-year rebellion is crushed, Grinev now risks his life and loss of his beloved Masha.