Chaos In Outer Space: Where Is The Moon?

W odmętach kosmosu, czyli gdzie jest księżyc, 2008, 16 min.

Chaos in outer Space: Where is the Moon? (2008)


Polish Animation Film Festival, Cracow 2008
Best Children’s Film


Director Robert Turlo
Screenplay Filip Kovcin,
Robert Turlo
Cinematography Robert Turlo
Music Rek Kuczynski
Animation Anna Wroblewska-Dzwoniarek
Producer(s) Anima-Pol


Earthlings panicked since someone had stolen the Moon. The scientists sent signals for help into outer space. A cosmic student, who was flying nearby the Earth, picked up the message. He landed on Earth and decided to help its inhabitants. He discovered the truth. The cosmic student flew to the Moon and used a laser to tickle the Moon’s nostrils. The Moon had been saved and could again shed light on the Earth every night.