2006, 124 min.

Chaos (2006)


PFF Gdynia
Best Directorial Debut; Best Costume Design for Anna Englert


Director Xawery Zulawski
Screenplay Xawery Zulawski
Cinematography Marian Prokop
Music Jan Komar
Art Director Malgorzata Mizielinska
Producer Piotr Reisch, Radek Stys
Mania Maria Strzelecka
Niki Marcin Brzozowski
Slawek Slawoj Jedrzejewski
Blondas Bolec
Marta Helena Sztyber
Ania Anna Gryszkowna
Lysy Borys Szyc
The European Economic Forum is starting in Warsaw. Anti-globalists, including Niki, Blondas, Slawek and Mania, Blondas’ half-sister, announce plans to protest. Niki, who is an anarchist, wants to change the world. He is in love with Mania. Blonde would like to become a gangster. He likes Marta, who is trying to change her life. Slawek is a young lawyer who gets married but at the same time, has a lover. Is he going to be a blackmailer? Generally speaking, there’s a lot of chaos…