Condemnation of Franciszek Klos

Wyrok na Franciszka Klosa, 2000

Condemnation of Franciszek Klos (2000)


Director Andrzej Wajda
Screenplay Andrzej Wajda, Zygmunt Malanowicz, Based On The Story by Stanislaw Rembeka
Cinematography Bartosz Prokopowicz
Music Stanislaw Radwan
Art Director Halina Dobrowolska, Agnieszka Bartold
Franciszek Klos Miroslaw Beka
Klos’ wife Grazyna Bielecka-kolska
Klos’ mother Maja Komorowska
Aschel Artur Zmijewski
German occupation in a small town. A policeman Franciszek Klos tries to become a Volksdeutscher at any price. He eagerly fulfils any occupant’s order – for the time being, at the administrative level. Soon he kills a Pole for the first time. The resistance issues a death sentence on him. Klos seems to ignore it, but at the time starts drinking to cope with fear. Alcohol makes him commit more crimes: he participates in one of the “round-ups”, and in the execution of some Jews. His mother tries to make him realize how repulsive his deeds are. But her efforts are fruitless.

Some German friends of Klos are killed on the order of the resistance. He is more and more afraid. For a while he looks for consolation in… religion. Yet he is not able to understand why a catholic priest prays for murdered Jews. Klos stands out in fighting partisans. Soon Germans award him with the status of a Volksdeutscher. Happy with his success he goes to the railway station and proudly sits in a section reserved for German. The partisans finally get him there…