2017, 12 min. and 5 sec.

Connected (2017)


Director Christopher Satola
Screenplay Christopher Satola
Cinematography Tanmay Chowdchary
Music David Ffoulkes-Williams
Production Designer Agnieszka Satola
Producers Christopher Satola, Mark Vinzant
Timmy Ethan Suess
Connected Janelle Pearson
Mum Leandra Ryan
Dad Michael Hennessy
Theater Mum Coty Nicoson
Theater Timmy Bradley Bundlie
Theater Dad William Castrogiovanni
In a near future in a world deprived of closeness of each other through technological communication advancements, a small boy full of curiosity and need to learn the world that surrounds him goes on a journey to learn the value of interpersonal communication, human emotions and expressing them through discovering the underground art of theater.