Kosmos, 2016, 75 min.

Cosmos (2016)


Director Marcin Kaminski
Screenplay Marcin Kaminski
Cinematography Wojciech Rytel
Art Directors Malgorzata Dabrowska, Justyna Faldzinska, Milosz Dabrowski
Producer Marcin Malatynsk


Adam Marcin Kowalczyk
Maja Gabriela Calun
Ania Agnieszka Findysz
Robson Robert Buczynski

Three young childhood friends are going on a weekend, to a small house located in the middle of the forest. There is nobody around. Just peace and silence. On their way they pick up Maja, a young hitchhiker, who appears on the road out of nowhere. When they arrive at the house on the hill, everything seems to be ok. When time passes, Adam (a former soldier) begins to have suspicions about his girlfriend. Adam is getting more and more paranoid and starts to terrorize all four, cutting them from a way to escape his imaginary accusations. The situation from idyllic changes into a nightmare. Maja is an accidental observer of the dramatic events which take place in this deserted area. Everything coincides with unusually high electromagnetic activity of the sun.