Wymyk, 2011, 88 min.

Courage (2011)


Rome Independent Film Festival
Premio New Vision a “Il Cattivo Zio”

Vilnius International Film Festival
Main Proze of the “New Europe-New Names”

Gdynia Polish Film Festival
Best first or second feature for Greg Zglinski, Best supporting role for Gabriela Muskala, Best screenplay for Janusz Marganski and Greg Zglinski

Warsaw Film Festival
SIGNIS Prize for best film and Special Jury Prize for Robert Wieckiewicz


Director Greg Zglinski
Screenplay Janusz Marganski, Greg Zglinski
Cinematography Witold Plociennik
Music Jacek Grudzien, Mariusz Ziemba
Art Director Elwira Pluta
Producer Lukasz Dzieciol, Piotr Dzieciol


Alfred Robert Wieckiewicz
Viola Gabriela Muskala
Jurek Lukasz Simlat
Father Marian Dzieciol
Mother Anna Tomaszewska
Klara Karolina Kominek
Lysy Jacek Luczak


Brothers Alfred and Jerzy witness a violent scene in a community train. A few men attack a girl. Jerzy defends her, while Alfred hesitates. Consequently, he can only watch the tragedy that befalls his younger brother…