2019, 73 min.
Dariusz (2019)


Director Jerzy Gruza
Screenplay Jerzy Gruza
Cinematography Wojciech Rawecki
Producer Tatiana Sosna Sarno


Older Jerzy Gruza
Younger Arkadiusz Golebiowski
Librarian Tatiana Sosna
Security Guard Piotr Chomik
Guard’ s Woman Jolanta Litwin
Father Hubert Janusz Szydlowski
Chimney Sweep
Advocate Maciej Staniewicz
Barman Rafal Dajbor
Mephisto Rafal Spiewak
Pan Czeslaw Slawomir Drygalski


The story of a couple of people – a much older former actor and a younger taken hero of various commercials and commercials. It is not known what unites them. At some point, the young learns that he will have a child with a random woman. An imminent parting hangs over the men. Old, not able to move in the world of show-biasness, creates his own ideas, which have no chance – the young does not accept them. Old age and lack of mobility in today’s time and the baggage of homosexuality, from which the hero wants to liberate himself, ends their relationship.