Distant Lights

Lichter, 2003, 105 min.
Distant Lights (2003)


Berlinale – IFF Berlin 2003 

FIPRESCI Award in international competition  “for its great skill in showing its struggling character on the German-Polish border and its powerful narrative structure”

German Film Award 2003
Film Award in Silver for Best Feature Film (Silver “Lola”)

International Film Camera Festival “Manami Brothers”; Macedonia 2003
Bronze Camera 300 for Bogumil Godfrejew

European Film Award 2003
Nomination for European Camera Award 2003 for Bogumil Godfrejow


Director Hans-Christian Schmid
Screenplay Hans-Christian Schmid, Michael Gutman
Cinematography Bogumil Godfrejew
Music The Notwist
Art Director Andrej Liousikov
Producer Jakob Claussen, Thomas Wobke


Philip August Diehl
Sonja Maria Simon
Ingo Devid Striesow
Andreas Sebastian Urzendowsky
Antoni Zbigniew Zamachowski
Milene Aleksandra Justa
Marysia Marysia Zamachowska


Distant Light presents two days in the lives of a teeming mass of characters. They steal, cheat, love, help, hope and despair on the border between Germany and Poland. All they have in common is a desperate desire to find their place in a dark world. To some it’s the end of the world. To others, it’s the gateway to a new life. Vibrant with expectancy, the border is a magnet for people on a journey towards a better life. At this crossroads between two worlds, where the law of the land is that of self-preservation, men and women struggle to maintain their dignity and values as they are stripped to the raw core of their existence. Yet even in this often-hostile climate, love and compassion blossom in the most unexpected ways.