Fusy, 2017, 28 min.

Dregs (2017)

OKFA Film Competition, Poland
Young Jury Award and Special Mention for Izabela Dabrowska

Short Waves Festival, Poland
Audience Award in the Polish Competition

Wegiel Student Film Festival, Poland
Best Polish Film

Etude & Anima International Film Festival, Poland
Grand Prix in the Etude Competition and Special Mention of FICC Jury


Director Kordian Kadziela
Screenplay Kordian Kadziela
Cinematography Piotr Chodura
Music Bartosz Kruczynski
Art Director Ewa Solecka, Agata Lepacka
Producer Andrzej Kowalczyk
Selena Izabela Dabrowska
Waldi Henryk Niebudek
Rafal Sebastian Perdek
Janina Ewa Wencel
Artur’s Brother Janusz Chabior
Beata’s life is not a bed of roses. She’s lonely, lives in a tiny, cluttered place in a block of flats, and on top of that, she’s addicted to gambling. All of this, however, doesn’t stop her from advising hundreds of other people on what to do. That’s because she’s a telephone fortune teller. Her life changes drastically, when one of her readings almost leads to a tragedy.