Egoiści, 2000, 100 min.

Egoists (2000)


Director Mariusz Trelinski
Screenplay Mariusz Trelinski, Przemyslaw Nowakowski, Wojciech Nowak
Cinematography Grzegorz Kuczeriszka
Music Paweł Mykietyn
Art Director Boris Kudlicka
Producer Pawel Rakowski
Anka Magdalena Cielecka
Sad Olaf Lubaszenko
Ilonka Agnieszka Dygant
Filip Jan Frycz
Young Rafal Mohr
Guma Marek Zeranski
Luba Wiola Kolakowska

Warsaw at the end of the nineties. Four people on a night trip through the city. The drama is presented in the atmosphere of constant parties, in the fumes of alcohol and drugs, and in the rhythm of trance music.

This night Anka tries to save her love before she leaves to study abroad. Young, who sold himself for big money, is going to become a father. Filip– a respected architect, abandoned by his lover–burns himself up during an orgy with soldiers. Sad–a talented musician, hiding his sensitivity behind the mask of cynicism–has to decide about his life.

What happens to the four protagonists reveals the true face of young “elite”. During one night a mosaic of the young generation is created.