Elżbieta, 2018, 25 min.

Elizabeth (2018)


Yerevan Short Film Festival, Armenia
Grand Prix 


Director Wojciech Klimala
Screenplay Bartosz Janiszewski, Wojciech Klimala
Cinematography Katarzyna Ewa Zak
Art Director Zula Poznanska
Producer Andrzej Kowalczyk
Elzbieta Maria Mamona
Elzbieta’s Son Michal Czernecki
Magda Marta Scislowicz

Former Miss, a retired hairdresser–Elizabeth, with the encouragement from her son, decides to take part in a mature beauty contest. She is scared that she won’t be able to go through with it. Especially when she finds out that she will be competing against a rival from the past… The potential title is supposed to give Elizabeth a chance to rebuild her self-esteem and start a new chapter of her life. During the contest Elizabeth discovers her son’s secret.