2002, 118 min.

E=mc2 (2002)


Director Olaf Lubaszenko
Screenplay Robert Maka
Cinematography Piotr Wojtowicz
Music Jan Borysewicz
Art Director Robert Czesak
Producer Henryk Romanowski
Ramzes Cezary Pazura
Max Olaf Lubaszenko
Stella Agnieszka Wlodarczyk
Marta Renata Dencewicz
Sledz Miroslaw Zbrojewicz
Landryna Tomasz Sapryk
Sowa Edward Linde
Wanda Emilia Krakowska
A modest salery of a scientist forces Max, Ph. D., to seek other sources of income. He gets hired to write diploma theses and B. A. theses for others. One of his clients is Stelle, a student of Pedagogy and a girlfriend of an influential gangster, Ramses. Max falls in love with Stella. Meanwhile, Ramses intends to realize his deep ambition of getting a Ph. D. degree himself, so he orders Max to prepare him foe post-graduate studies exams. As Ramses gets more and more absorbed by his "academic career", he becomes unaware of a growing affection between Stella and Max…