Emily Cries

Emilka płacze, 2006, 33 min.

Emily Cries (2006)


Gdynia Film Festival
First Prize in the Polish Independents Film Category.


Director Rafael Kapelinski
Screenplay Rafael Kapelinski
Cinematography Pawel Dyllus
Music Zbigniew Malecki
Art Director Maja Kadlubek
Producer Rafael Kapelinski, Piotr Ledwig
Emily Marta Chodorowska
Stephen Andrzej Szewczyk
Stephen’s Mother Bogumila Murzynska
Kafar Maciej Wojdyla
Dance Teacher’s Assistant Elzbieta Okupska
Puff Mama Rafal Mohr
Emily Cries is the story of an eighteen year old boy, lost in the surrounding world. The film is set in Katowice, during martial law. The main character falls in love with Emily, but the feeling is not mutual. In despair, he asks Emily to enroll in a dance class with him…