Endemit’s Greed

Łakomstwa Endemit, 2014, 11 min.

Endemit's Greed (2014)


Director Natalia Dziedzic
Screenplay Natalia Dziedzic, Przemyslaw Kurek
Cinematography Natalia Dziedzic
Music Tomasz Opalka
Animation Natalia Dziedzic, Wojciech Wojtkowski, Tomasz Popakul, Michal Orzechowski
Producer(s) Piotr Furamnkiewicz, Mateusz Michalak
Protagonist Julia Kolakowska
Protagonist Pawel Szczesny
At the seaside beach fates of balding sailor, young girl and two modest creatures – the bee and the crab are tangling. Going after their greediness, they are meeting themselves by the stall with waffles. This is animated story about primal desires, which are present in the human nature.