7 min. , 2008

Esma (2008)


Director Pawel Tarasiewicz
Screenplay Pawel Tarasiewicz
Cinematography Pawel Tarasiewicz
Music Jan Parczewski


Esma Antonina Jakovenko
Liza Inna Wierusz
Mila Lamila Sieminska
Natasha Joanna Nocen


In an undefined future, female gangs rule the streets. All humans have an expiration date tattooed on their wrists. After hearing about someone with a life-extending scanner, Esma tells gang leader Liza and they decide to take it for themselves. Liza, overcome with greed, betrays Esma and does her best to eliminate her during the robbery. But despite being pushed to near death, Esma survives, recovers, and now wants revenge…