Facing Up

Przebacz, 2005, 90 min.

Facing Up (2005)



Polish Feature Film Festival in Gdynia
Award for debut to Marta Malikowska

6th International Film Festival Era New Horizons – New Polish Film 2006
First Prize 


Director Marek Stacharski
Screenplay Marek Stacharski
Cinematography Per Tingleff
Art Director Stefan Brysiak
Producer Marta Plucinska
Stan Bartosz Turzynski
Anka Marta Malikowska
Joanna Aleksandra Niespielak
Gobi Wojciech Czerwinski
Borek Janusz Chabior
Benek Eryk Lubos
Meta Slawomir Fugiel
20 year old Stan is a gang member. Fooling around, minor stealing, break-ins, and the pressure of his gang “friends” leads him to commit a serious crime. But Stan has a second chance to expiate his guilt. Breaking away from the criminal circle and starting a new life turns out to not be easy.
(This story is about the transition from being the wrongdoer into the victim of one’s own wrongdoing. The relationship between the wrongdoer and the victim raises questions about the guilt, forgiveness and responsibility. This is also a story about the way that a person can be changed by the power of love. But this time love also means punishment.)