Footsteps in the Snow

Pamięć śladów, 2018, 56 min.

Footsteps in the Snow (2018)


Director Ignacy Szczepanski
Screenplay Ignacy Szczepanski
(based on the book by Roma KingFootsteps In The Snow“)
Cinematography Przemyslaw Niczyporuk
Music Tomasz Opalka
Producer Barbara Lawska
Co-Producer Vladek Juszkiewicz
Romuald Mateusz Damiecki
Janina Karolina Rzepa
Little Roma Helenka Laskowska
Protagonist Roma King

The documentary Footsteps in the Snow tells the story of the Michniewicz family and childhood memories, but most of all it’s the story – passed on from generation to generation – of the family’s escape from Siberia during the Second World War. Roma, as a small baby, together with her mother, grandfather and great-grandmother, were all forcibly relocated by the Soviets to Siberia from their family estate in Soviet-occupied Poland. Romuald, Roma’s father, was an officer in the Polish forces and later held in Moscow as a political prisoner of the NKWD, Soviet secret police. After amnesty, he joined the Polish Army under General Anders, tracked down his family against all odds, and orchestrated their very daring and dramatic escape from Siberia.