2016, 15 min.

Fragment (2016)


Director   Miroslaw Mamczur
Screenplay   Miroslaw Mamczur based on a novel “Śliczna dziewczyna” by Marek Hlasko
Cinematography   Marek Grabowski
Music   Maria Holka
Producers   Kaja Lotowska,
Damian Wenta


Girl   Monika Mielnik
Jadwiga   Elzbieta Jarosik
Writer   Daniel Chryc
Kuba   Lukasz Kornacki
Postman   Marek Pituch
Roman, Jadwiga’s Husband   Pawel Galia

A writer is working on his new novel. Enclosed inside the little world of a shabby old tenement house, he blends in with the life of its inhabitants where every day resembles the next. He’s continuously looking for a spur, a creative impulse to drive his work forward. He’s also waiting for an important letter which might change his life. The stagnation and atmosphere of anticipation is broken by a sudden appearance of someone from outside: in front of the tenement house, on a bench, there sits a young girl, clearly waiting for somebody, just like the writer…