2020, 12 min.
Futhark (2020)


Direction& Cinematography Konrad Kultys
Second Camera Dorota Stolarska
Aerial Camera Dominik Radecki
Sound Ola Konik
Editing Dorota Stolarska, Konrad Kultys


Stanislaw Rudzinski


A short experimental documentary exploring the world of magic, rituals, Nordic myths and runes. A philosophical journey into the past in search of the origins of the present, providing a pretext to reflect on man’s place in the world, his relationship with nature or the loss of authentic spirituality.

The narrative led by Dawid Rudzinski – an artist, tattooer and musician – is accompanied by poetic images of nature clashing with the harsh landscape of cities, where man has turned away from nature, which, as the narrator suggests, is the true root of humanity.