Future in Hand

2004, 40 min.

Future in Hand (2004)


Director Pawel Vogler
Music Jacek Stankiewicz
Narration and Poetry Sara Vogler


A teenager born in Poland, raised during most of her school years in a Los Angeles suburb revisits the place of her birth and early childhood. Sara is unique! She is Polish by birth, American by citizenship, and Jewish by religion, plus she had a visible physical disability. A documentary directed by Pawel Vogler and narrated, staring, and essentially written by his daughter Sara. The material used is from Sara’s diary of her trip and the poetry is that written by her. It is a film like a beautiful love poem of life. Additional material was written by Pavel especially relating to the historical, geographical, and educational information seen in the body of the production. The full project goal is to establish communication between Polish and American students.

We are engaged from beginning to end in the story of an adolescent’s love for life, family, heritage and nationality.