Good News Bad News

2011, 11 min.

Good News Bad News (2011)


Director Kacper Shikeli
Screenplay Kacper Shikeli
Cinematography Kacper Zielinski
Music Lukasz Jareoszonek
Animation Kacper Shikeli, Krystian Parol


Macin Galazka
Mieczyslaw Pierzchala
Patrycja Adamczyk


A story about the world inhabited by people without the hope of better days to come, about the world divided into those who have power and money and those who have nothing. However, there comes a day when everything becomes possible. The main protagonist, a worker in an alcohol factory, manages to start a revolution and rouse the town dwellers to fight. Following their new leader, they want to overthrow the old system and, although they have never done it before, fight for their rights.