Guys Don’t Cry

Chłopaki nie placzą, 2000, 93 min.

Guys Don't Cry (2000)


Director Olaf Lubaszenko
Screenplay Mikolaj Korzynski
Cinematography Martin Stroa
Music Liroj
Art Director Arkadiusz Kosmider
Kuba Maciej Stuhr
Fred Cezary Pazura
Oscar Wojciech Kfata
Szef Bogdan Lazuka
Cichy Miroslaw Baka
Grucha Miroslaw Zbrojewicz
Lili Anna Mucha
A young violin Player Cuba decides to help his shy friend Oscar who wants to meet a girl from an escort agency. The boys spend that night in Oscar’s uncle’s apartment. Unfortunately it comes out that they haven’t got enough money to pay for the service. The prostitute’s "protector" decides to keep a valuable figurine from Oscar’s uncles collection as payment. The boys desperately want the precious masterpiece back . Kuba leaves his violin in a pawn shop to get the money that will allow to buy the figurine back. Accidentally he witnesses a transaction between some mobsters. Bolec, the owner of the escort agency and son of a local mafia boss, is meeting some tough guys from the seaside. When shooting starts and a suitcase full of money disappears, Kuba becomes the main suspect. The gangsters are now after him.