2002, 91 min.

Hacker (2002)


Director Janusz Zaorski
Screenplay Janusz Zaorski, Marek Nowowiejski
Cinematography Lukasz Kosmicki
Music Marek Koscikiewicz
Art Director Magda Dipont
Producer Marek Nowowiejski
Marcin Bartosz Obuchowski
Laura Katarzyna Smutniak
Tosiek Boguslaw Linda
Turbo Piotr Miazga
Kosa Pawel Wilczek
Daniel Pawel Delag
Marcin and Turbo are friends. They love films and computers and they seem equally interested in Laura, who is Marcin’s schoolmate. Boys know a lot about the internet, but it is Marcin who is a computer genius. To get Marcin involved in the business, Turbo slyly manipulates his friend’s affection for Laura. Competing for her feelings, boys get into serious trouble, as their thoughtless actions draw the attention of the Central Bureau of Investigation.